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"The objective of our research"

We are actively engaged in the pursuit of chemical biology research pertaining to nucleic acids. Our primary focus lies in the advancement of nucleic acid therapeutics through the development of a novel technique termed "RNA hacking." Emphasizing a collaborative approach, our research extends beyond the confines of academia, encompassing a fruitful partnership with StapleBio, wherein Katsuta assumes the role of a founding member.



"RNA hacking"による新規核酸医薬技術の開発

Using the system named RNA hacking, we are advancing research on new nucleic acid medicines

私たちはStaple核酸という短い核酸を使って標的とするmRNAの構造を書き換えてしまう「RNA hacking」という技術を開発しています。この技術を使って今まで治すことが困難であった希少疾患の治療薬開発を目指しています。

We have developed a technique called 'RNA hacking,' in which we use short nucleic acids known as Staple Nucleic Acids to rewrite the structure of targeted mRNA. With this innovative approach, we are aiming to develop therapeutic drugs for rare diseases that have been challenging to treat until now.


小分子化合物RGB-1を利用して生体内RNA G-quadurplexを探索する

Small Molecule-Based Detection of RNA G-Quadruplex Structures That Modulate Protein Translation

RNA G-quadruplex標的小分子化合物RGB-1を利用して、細胞中におけるRNA G-quadruplexを網羅的に探索する研究を進めています。

We are conducting research to comprehensively explore RNA G-quadruplexes within cells, utilizing the small molecule compound named RGB-1, which exhibits exceptionally high selectivity for binding to RNA G-quadruplexes (JACS, 2016).

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